Branding Video

I created this video to help display the work I have done and can do for clients. It was important to convey the process I use to design in a visual and simple way. The music helps move the fast pace motions of the video along and compliments the imagery.

Philip Johnson Tribute

This video is a good representation of music and images coming together to create something seamless and impactful. With a mixture of subtle transitions, pan and zooms, and music that doesn’t take away from the images themselves, Philip’s family was moved with happiness. To make the images come to life I cut out a picture of Philip and his wife at the beach and placed it in front of a moving beach background.

Run – Trailer

A movie’s trailer can be the deciding factor of whether or not a viewer goes to see the movie. Not only do trailers tell a story, they also capture the overall tone of a film. This trailer brought some of horror movies classic elements into a short spectacle with its eerier color tones, video angles, and subjects.

The Trunk

The Trunk is the first of 3 short films that come together to tell the magical and mysterious story of a girl’s journey through life. Narratives are placed throughout the film to replace the need for direct dialogue scenes. The entire film was shot on a tripod to prevent any shaky shots, as well as fully embracing the imagery displayed throughout.

The Smoke

The Smoke is the second of 3 short films. It was shot completely in black and white for effect as well as a way to emphasize content and imagery without relying on the use of color. This film was recorded using a tripod and demonstrates not only shots parallel to the horizon but many different angles.

The End

The final film of 3 short films uses time lapse effects to create eye popping shots of nature. Fading from black and white to color, the story connects aesthetically to where the last left off.

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